100C2 Pagoda Piste

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  • While the 100 C2’s wider platform shows an obvious bias towards soft snow, the longer effective edge (than that found on its RP counterparts) provides excellent stability in a full range of conditions. Whether taking on a few inches of early morning fresh powder or late day resort chop, this reliable tool provides a blend of power and control.

    Fabricated with two hard wood species of disparate densities and grain orientations, along with innovative new sidewall technology, our R+D team engineered an inventive new method of horizontally combining these elements to produce a supremely damp and stable platform. With 15 years of learnings to draw upon, we created a momentous breakthrough in on-snow feel that combines both excitement and liveliness, with simultaneous dampness and control. High-speed carbon ski technology is here.


    189cm 135/100/118 19m --
    184cm 132/100/115 19m --
    179cm 132/100/115 19m --
    171cm 130/100/114 19m --
    165cm 129/100/113 19m --
    157cm 127/100/112 19m --