All Good Deodorant, Tea Tree & Basil

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  • Finally, an aluminum-free, petroleum-free deodorant that glides on easily, doesn’t leave any stains, won’t leave toxins in your body, and generally makes your pits happy (well, as happy as they can be… it’s still an armpit).

    Would you rather: stink to the high heavens or have aluminum seeping through your pores? If you said “neither,” you came to the right place. Botanical All Good Deodorants are aluminum-free and don’t contain any known toxins (ie: the best deodorants of all time, in our humble opinion). Instead, we use plant-based active ingredients and enzymes to fight body odor – a good dose of arrowroot powder dries underarms and combats wetness, aloe vera, and calendula help soothe sensitive skin, and the sweet smells of Tea Tree and Basil leave you smelling like a garden instead of the bottom of the hamper. Skincare IS personal care.

    Our customers love these deodorant sticks because they glide on easily, don’t leave stains, and take care of odor-causing bacteria while still allowing your sweat glands to do their job (which is, you know, sweating…). This mineral deodorant is bio-active, which means that plant-based ingredients (bio–) actually respond to your body and activate when you start heating up (–active). Hence, bio-active. It’s like a mood ring for your armpits.


    • Aluminum-Free Deodorant
    • No Parabens, Phthalates, and no Propylene Glycol
    • Plant-based Ingredients
    • GMO free, Gluten free, Cruelty Free – only tested on humans!
    • Vegan
    • Easy on Sensitive Skin
    • Moisturizing
    • Antibacterial
    • Made in the USA