Arctic Dreams

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    This bestselling, groundbreaking exploration of the Far North is a classic of natural history, anthropology, and travel writing.

    The Arctic is a perilous place. Only a few species of wild animals can survive its harsh climate. In this modern classic, Barry Lopez explores the many-faceted wonders of the Far North: its strangely stunted forest, its mesmerizing aurora borealis, its frozen seas. Musk oxen, polar bears, narwhal, and other exotic beasts of the region come alive through Lopez’s passionate and nuanced observations. And, as he examines the history and culture of the indigenous people, along with parallel narratives of intrepid, often underprepared and subsequently doomed polar explorers, Lopez drives to the heart of why the austere and formidable Arctic is also a constant source of breathtaking beauty, beguilement, and wonder.

    Written in prose as memorably pure as the land it describes, Arctic Dreams is a timeless mediation on the ability of the landscape to shape our dreams and to haunt our imaginations.

    About Ryan Salm: 

    Ryan Salm turns athletes into superheroes, transforms boring articles into virtual adventures, and molds ordinary houses into architectural masterpieces…all with the help of his magical camera. Ryan Salm might only be the 37th best photographer living in the Lake Tahoe Basin, but he tells better stories than all the rest. See why at or @ryansalmphotography on Instagram.

    Why Ryan Chose This Book: 

    A stunning exploration of the unknown regions of the Arctic. From its mesmerizing aurora borealis to the frozen seas, musk oxen, polar bears, narwhal, and other exotic beasts of the region, there is endless opportunity to be awed.