Atris Birdie

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  • This is the third edition of this iconic blackcrows ski that first appeared in 2014. For this new 2022 version, it is slightly refined, to gain even more accessibility and versatility.

    It is truly the everyday big mountain ski, for women skiers who like it when it excels in powder but who want impeccable behavior in all conditions. The lines have been revised and will distinguish it from its ancestors for the discerning eye, but the essential is inside, for a ski that achieves its objectives and delights the heart of the most demanding.


    • Width: 105 mm
    • Weight: 3250g
    • Radius: 19
    • Mounting point: -8 cm
    • Flex: 78/100
    • Good flotation: 105mm at the waist.
    • Double rocker: Great maneuverability, control, pivot.
    • Classic medium camber: Classic camber underfoot with intermediate ski/snow contact, balance between stability and handling.
    • Slightly straight sidecut (20m radius): More stability at high speed, better balance between firmness and maneuverability.
    • Progressive tip floatation: Great consistency in turns, easy to get off the ground.
    • Firm and constant flex: Very stable ski.
    • Drilling: Diameter 3.5mm x L 9mm.
    • Construction: Semi-cap.
    • ABS sidewalls all around.
    • Core: Poplar / Fiberglass.