Axe Shovel

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  • Equipped with the new compact ARVA blade designed and shaped to make it easy to step on and efficient to dig with in any type of snow, the AXE shovel will prove more than trustworthy in any rescue situation. It converts into a hoe for increased shoveling efficiency when you need to move snow fast.


    • 750 gr.
    • Shovel with telescopic shaft: 66cm minimum length, 80.5cm maximum length.
    • Oval aluminum shaft, 49cm long when collapsed.
    • Strong and durable anodized aluminum blade.
    • New compact blade: 31cm length x 23cm width x 2.0mm thick (size includes blade-to-shaft connection).
    • The PIN LOCK locking mechanism makes it quick and easy to put the blade and shaft together.
    • The ergonomic Y-grip handle lets you convert the shovel into a hoe.
    • Grippy shaft easy to handle.
    • Compliant with requirements of the UIAA equipment standard “156 - Avalanche Rescue Shovels”.