Carbon Whippet Pole

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  • Built for steep terrain that demands extra traction, the two-piece Carbon Whippet is the ultimate ski mountaineering tool. With its removable steel pick, the Whippet adds security for steep, icy bootpacks and no-fall descents, and can transition into an adjustable ski pole for backcountry turns.

    The latest evolution of our legendary Whippet, this two-piece pole features a removable steel pick, giving you extra traction on steep, high-consequence terrain. By using the ClickLock dial, you can release the pick and descend moderate slopes with a lightweight, yet rugged two-piece pole. The pole features a carbon fiber lower with an aluminum upper and our upgraded FlickLock Pro adjustment, which is now lighter, stronger and easier to use, with a more durable, forged aluminum construction.

    • ClickLock Dial
    • FlickLock® Pro adjustability—now featuring aluminum construction that’s lighter and easier to use
    • Removable steel pick
    • Grip insert for ski mode
    • Carbon lower, aluminum upper
    • Indexed ¾ powder basket
    • Sold individually
    • Weight Per Pair :   443 g / 0,98 lb each, with Pick
    • Series :   Technical Touring
    • Usable Length :   [99-140 cm] 40-55 in
    • Collapsed Length :   [99 cm] 40 in