Meidjo 3.0 Binding, Small

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  • MEIDJO has revolutionized the art of telemark! MEIDJO brings features that telemarkers have never experienced:

    • An incisive edge grip upon entering a curve;
    • A fully adjustable spring system allows the user to choose between a traditional very smooth feel, up to stiffness and responsiveness unheard of in today's telemark bindings;
    • Instant engagement from the start of the flex which is progressive and continuous with total precision for a smooth, efficient and beautiful turn;
    • Incredibly fast return of the rear foot at the end of the curve, allowing smooth and quick transitions in a fraction of a second, perfectly timed for a graceful and powerful form of turn;
    • A design without compromising on safety in extreme situations: the new low-tech is more powerful to hold the shoe firmly, while having a fully adjustable release
    • Versatile ease of use, which makes it THE UNIVERSAL FIXING on the market, with its hiking mode, its alpine ski mode, and its many accessories.
    • Easy to handle and robust, it offers progressive flex and a smooth feeling of a standard 75 binding, and the power of an NTN binding for telemark mode; as well as the mobility and efficiency of an insert binding for touring mode.

    It is for these reasons that MEIDJO has seduced the world of experienced guides, hiking, freeride, freestyle and of course competition, across the world!

    Our efforts to satisfy the most demanding have paid off, as MEIDJO received the valuable Editor's Choice of Backcountry Magazine in 2017 after winning the Gold Winner Award at ISPO in 2015.

    And so that you can continue to ski on the wonderful snow-covered slopes of our beautiful planet for a long time, we have eco-designed MEIDJO 3, with a selection of recyclable materials, including the use of agrosourced plastics from fair-trade agriculture, and a precision mechanics reinforced on sensitive parts.
    It is a compendium of technologies incorporating less environmental impact while allowing an extension of the life of the binding. MEIDJO thus becomes the first eco-designed Telemark binding in the world!


    • Weight: 492 g per binding in large size with screws (500 g for 2.1)
    • Climbing wedge: 7 ° (3.5cm) and 13 ° (5.5cm) wedge.
    • Sizes: Size S: for shoes from 22.5 to 26 (mondopoint); Size L: for shoes from 26.5 to 31 (mondopoint)