Pocket PourOver Ethiopia, Singles

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  • A tantalizing balance of bold flavors and delicate nuance, you’ll experience an awakening with flavors of morning citrus, honey and Yirgacheffe's signature blueberry notes. 

    Our pour over coffees use 100% arabica, specialty-grade beans sourced with our Source-to-Soul™ impact philosophy in mind. It’s quality coffee that’s more than just a cup of coffee. Best enjoyed wherever you wander.


    • Fair Trade Certified. 
    • Made with wind power. 
    • 1% for the planet. 
    • Region: Yirgacheffe
    • Altitude: 6234 ft. 
    • How to Use:
      • Anchor: Tear open the pour over filter along the perforation. Anchor it to your mug and fold the sides of the anchors backward for extra stability.
      • Pour: Pour 200°F (just below boiling) water over the coffee and into the filter until 8-12oz of coffee is brewed, depending on how strong you like your coffee. For optimal results, pour continuously.
      • Enjoy: Pause a moment to appreciate that you just made a fresh cup of coffee in less than 2 minutes, then enjoy your #KujuMoment with a freshly brewed cup of pour over coffee.