Eat Like a Fish

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    ISBN: 9781101974322

    In the face of apocalyptic climate change, a former fisherman shares a bold and hopeful new vision for saving the planet: farming the ocean. Here Bren Smith--pioneer of regenerative ocean agriculture--introduces the world to a groundbreaking solution to the global climate crisis.

    A genre-defining "climate memoir," Eat Like a Fish interweaves Smith's own life--from sailing the high seas aboard commercial fishing trawlers to developing new forms of ocean farming to surfing the frontiers of the food movement--with actionable food policy and practical advice on ocean farming. Written with the humor and swagger of a fisherman telling a late-night tale, it is a powerful story of environmental renewal, and a must-read guide to saving our oceans, feeding the world, and--by creating new jobs up and down the coasts--putting working class Americans back to work.

    About Jason Layh:

    Jason is the Book buyer here at Alpenglow Sports and the creative drive behind this community book event. When not helping at the shop he can be found skiing, swimming, biking or simply enjoying the greater Sierra's.

    Why Jason Chose This Book:

    To use our surrounding environment simultaneously as sources of inspiration, distraction and of healing is something our community is intimate with. How those same environs can also carry on the memory of lost ones and continue to heal is lovingly illustrated in this minimal, modern tale.