Evo Boot

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  • Crispi is the Telemark  company setting the trends and pushing NTN forward. In the past 4 years, there's been a shift in  Telemark to the Crispi line as the word is out on better performance and price that Crispi has to offer its customers. This 2020 Evo is currently considered by many to be the best all-mtn boot available. With the new Crispi HO Tongue Thermo Liner, a beefed up buckle system and shell, the  Evo is thoroughly impressive. Crispi boasts the best performance and the Evo is now the poster-child for the all-mountain NTN boot. They can be pushed very hard on lift terrain yet still tour exceptionally well. Very importantly, Crispi offers tech fittings both fore and aft with the Evo, which means they can be used with "tech heel" bindings like the Meidjo. No other boot maker gives you full tech fittings which sets the Crispi line apart for versatility as well. This is the best all-mtn NTN boot on the market for 2020... unless you need to go even stiffer to the Crispi World Cup.


    • Shell construction: Pbax/Carbon
    • 4 Aluminum Micro adjustable buckles
    • Crispi's arched/bubble style bellow for better NTN performance
    • Compatible systems: Pin tech / tele / NTN
    • FULL TECHS  front and rear
    • Crispi HO Tongue liner
    • Weight: 1815 gr