FlyLite Platinum

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  • Introducing: the lightest fully-baffled down sleeping bag in the world.

    We are pleased to announce a limited edition model which has been designed to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of our brand, utilizing the most advanced textiles and finest raw materials in the world. The Flylite is the lightest fully-baffled sleeping bag in the world, built with a balanced 10-denier fabric, a half-length #3 coil zipper with insulated draft tube and an insulated top collar. More importantly, the total weight of this bag is a mere 13 ounces! Compressing down to almost the size of a standard water bottle, our limited edition Flylite will be a perfect choice for fast packers, adventure racing enthusiasts, bikepackers, or anyone that is looking for the lightest possible bag that they can still get a full night’s sleep in. See the photo and details below.

                 FLYLITE 13oz fully baffled limited edition 50 year anniversary sleeping bag

    •10 denier nylon shell fabric and lining      • insulated draft tube          • insulated top collar 

    • lightweight #3 coil zipper (half length)    • Made in USA                    • Amazingly light and compressible 

    • No sewn-through seams=no cold spots   • Fully baffled construction  • One sku per size (all Left Zipper) 

    Length/Size  Dimensions Shoulder/Hip/Foot    Loft      Temp Rating    Fill Weight    Total Weight 

    5'6" 165cm        59"/51"/39" 150/130/99cm      3.75" / 9.5cm    34°F / 1°C      6.5oz/185g       12oz/340g

    6'0" 180cm        59"/51"/39" 150/130/99cm      3.75" / 9.5cm    34°F / 1°C      7oz/195g          13oz/365g

    6'6" 200cm        60"/52"/39" 152/132/99cm      3.75" / 9.5cm     34°F / 1°C     7.5oz/212g       14oz/388g