Found: A Life in Mountain Rescue

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    “This is a truly inspirational book about the incredible people who risk their lives to save others.” --Sadie Trombetta, Bustle

    Mountain search-and-rescue volunteer Bree Loewen’s to-do list isn’t quite the same as most people’s. On any given day, it might include:

    • Go grocery shopping
    • Bake pie seen on Pinterest
    • Figure out what to do with my life
    • Rescue climbers caught in avalanche on Chair Peak
    • Pick up Vivi at Mom’s

    A former Mount Rainier climbing ranger and trained leader in mountain search-and-rescue, Bree shares the drama and the camaraderie of this work, as well as the challenges of trying to fit her other roles as wife and mother into what is still largely a masculine environment. In a fearless voice—disarming yet laced with dark humor—Bree guides us through intense recoveries, vivid wilderness landscapes, and the warmth she discovers in motherhood, community, and purpose.