HRC Max 180 Poles UNCUT

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  • The HRC Max is uncompromisingly designed for the World Cup. It is equipped with the new Nordic Shark, a grip/strap technology designed entirely for cross-country skiing. The grip guarantees the best connection between hand and pole and provides precision guidance, control and power transmission. The Shark Loop and the Quick Release Button let you easily click in and out in seconds. The adjustable Speed Shape provides precise control of the poles for quick movements. The HRC Max is made of a lightweight, yet strong 16.5 mm diameter carbon shaft for maximum stiffness. Weighing only 55 grams per meter, the pole is extremely lightweight, yet offers full stability. This cross-country pole also features the Fin Vario basket changing system, which allows you to change baskets in seconds to match different snow conditions.


    • Nordic Shark: Specially designed grip for Cross Country Skiing. Precise control and effective power transmission for maximum performance.
    • Shark Frame Strap: Adjustable strap with wide support area for optimum comfort and effective power transfer. Easily click in and out of your poles in seconds.
    • Carbon: Super light and stiff for optimal swing action.
    • Fin Vario Basket: Basket exchange system to easily switch from a small basket for firm snow to a bigger basket for soft snow or even to a roller tip for the road.
    • XC Carbide Tip: Durable tip that offers precise pole planting and perfect grip in any terrain.
    • Construction: Fixed length. 
    • Segments: 1 section. 
    • Shaft Diameter: 16.5mm. 
    • Shaft Material: Carbon (HRX Max).
    • Weight/pole: 55 g/m
    • Length: 180 cm (uncut)
    • Comes with a detached grips. Pole can be cut to desired length.