In Waves

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    In this visually arresting graphic novel, surfer and illustrator AJ Dungo remembers his late partner, her battle with cancer, and their shared love of surfing that brought them strength throughout their time together. With his passion for surfing uniting many narratives, he intertwines his own story with those of some of the great heroes of surf in a rare work of nonfiction that is as moving as it is fascinating.

    ISBN: 9781910620632

    About Jason Layh:

    Jason is the Book buyer here at Alpenglow Sports and the creative drive behind this community book event. When not helping at the shop he can be found skiing, swimming, biking or simply enjoying the greater Sierra's. 

    Why Jason Chose This Book:

    Raw as Hell and loving every second of it. Bren Smith delivers a sermon on how retrospective can sooth, align and make sense of a life lived as voraciously as, albeit questionably, possible. Tracing a line of displacement and reckless abandon from the earliest stages of his life to how he finally found not just his own true course but one that could save us all.