Lotus 124 Pagoda

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  • The new, revamped Pagoda 124 Lotus improves upon DPS’ storied and rich powder ski heritage. With a tapered tip that is reminiscent of proven DPS designs of the past, and its relatively low and gradual rocker, this is the ideal tool for the experienced powder skier looking to plane to the snow’s surface quickly. Based on 15-plus years of testing, the well-balanced flex profile is optimized to encourage large radius surfy turns in open powder fields, and stomping high-speed airs. Equally at home when ducking into your favorite secret stash in the woods, turn shapes can quickly be shortened when nimble reactivity is needed. When the days are deep and the stoke is high, it’s time to reach for ‘Big Red’.

    The Lotus 124 is a ski that many have dubbed, “one of our best ever.” Its mission is to be a versatile deep pow shape that can be enjoyed across a range of soft snow conditions. The flex profile, subtle rocker refinements, and evolved tip shaping all combine to yield a smooth, intuitive turn entry followed by powerful mid-turn support that can be tweaked into slarvy finishes at the pilot’s whim. A poised, broad-spectrum powder tool.

    Pagoda Construction:

    Revel in Skiing’s Finest Construction. Allow your senses to merge with the zenith of carbon fiber ski tuning. Pagoda is an approach to engineering. It’s the product of over 15 years devoted to tuning carbon skis. As the centerpiece of the DPS ski collection, Pagoda sits comfortably between the Pagoda Piste and Pagoda Tour bookends. Defying classification, this vibrant construction performs extremely well in both resort and backcountry settings. Its unique horizontally layered core quiets unpleasant inconsistencies felt in less-than-perfect snow, while allowing the electricity of carbon to elevate the senses during the precious moments of soft snow euphoria. Enjoy the palpable sensations that can only be found when the mind and ski unite: experience Pagoda.

    Length Tip/Waist/Tail Radius Weight
    180cm 140/124/130 23m 1915g
    185cm 141/124/131 23m 1950g
    190cm 142/124/132 23m 2110g

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