DPS Lotus 138 Tour Powderworks 192cm

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A truly special and rare bird. A unique cocktail in the history of ski building. The Lotus 138—the groundbreaking, powder performance planning tool from outer space re-emerges for Dreamtime in a no-expense-spared svelte layup. With an updated Spoon Tech chassis to improve variable snow performance, it's built with a unique innovative high strength aerospace foam. We could not dream of a better ultimate deep pow touring machine which is easy on the scale but not floppy or nervous. The construction is powerful, sensory, and full of response that pushes directly on the skier’s pleasure nerve. It feels right and light on the way up, yet exhibits all the powder surfing goodness on the descent that Lotus 138 lovers have come to worship. Touring in Japan in January, or for that matter any place that’s deep? Look no further.


4000g (8.8 lbs), pair


  • Pure prepreg carbon fiber laminate with proprietary damping additives
  • Skunkworks high modulus structural foam core with wood stringers
  • Textured polyamide top sheet
  • Full UHMW sidewalls
  • Fastest and hardest World Cup race bases
  • Rockwell 48 steel edges


From our lead boot fitter and Backcountry Magazine Gear Tester, Jason Layh:

"The Lotus 138 is simply the best powder ski on the planet. Nothing else comes close to how well this ski moves through fresh snow. Incredibly nimble at all speeds while still being stable under foot. Spoon technology integrated into the tip and tail allows the rider to change direction at any stage, or any speed, without fear of hooking an edge. Light enough to tour on all day yet built to last a lifetime. If you are in the market for a true pure powder ski, this is it."

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