LTR 105 Manual

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  • At just 108 grams, the Low Tech Race 105 is convincing as an ultralight Race binding for demanding races and alpine skimo competitions. With its minimalist, optimized design and a wide drill hole pattern, the Low Tech Race 105 is the lightest and at the same time most responsive model in the popular Low Tech Race family. In your race against the clock and your competitors, you can always put full trust in the binding without carrying a single gram too much on your feet. With the Low Tech Race 105, you have a sturdy partner working with you that scores high with its rigidity and top power transfer to the ski. The binding is available in two versions: - Low Tech Race 105 Auto: climbing-focused version with simplified, automatic locking - Low Tech Race 105 Manu: manual locking and thus ISMF complaint The long excenter enables an unerring and thus fast exit from the binding. The Low Tech Race 105 offers the option of mounting an adjustment plate, which enables a heel adjustment range of 20 mm to fit various sole lengths. Both lateral and vertical release are adjusted to a set value that has been determined over the years by experienced skimo athletes to be the best balance between safety and support. For use on ice or crust, ski crampons can be attached to the Low Tech Race 105 quickly and easily. As with all Dynafit bindings, the Low Tech Race 105 has been developed and manufactured in Germany and offers Dynafit’s Lifetime Guarantee. Low Tech Race 105 – Ahead of the times.


    • Weight: 108g
    • Materials: Forged Aluminium, High Tech Synthetic, Stainless Steel
    • Optimized Power Transmission
    • Lowest Stand Height
    • Ice Breaker Pins
    • Lightweight
    • Optional Adjustment Plate