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  • For alpine touring performance, the MTN PURE + Leash binding boasts convenience, reliability, and light weight. The precision Lowtech system has multiple climbing aid heights with quick, easy access, and the wider screw pattern gives you confidence descending.


    • Convenient: Access the climbing aids with less manipulation because you don't need to turn the heel, and step in more easily with Salomon's patented step-in aid technology.
    • Light: 295g / half pair
    • Reliable: Simple construction with fewer pieces adds robustness, and a wider screw pattern offers better energy transmission.
    • Wide Screw Implementation: Wider screw implementation avoids pulling out of the bindings from the ski for added reliability.
    • Patented Step-in Aid: Easy step-ins thanks to the patented guiding elements allowing the right positioning of the toe.
    • Aluminum: A rigid and strong construction that allows enhanced power transmission.
    • Easy Aids Manipulation: Ensures easy switch with the poles between climbing aid positions.
    • Crampon system: Possibility to attach dedicated crampons to the binding.