DPS Nina A99 158cm (2018/19)

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Brand: DPS 

Model: Nina 99 Alchemist

Size: 158cm

Dimensions: 125mm/99mm/111mm

Sidecut: 19 meters

Regular Price: $1299

The Nina 99 Alchemist is the perfect quiver of one for the resort-backcountry hybrid skier. Equally at home in-bounds or in the skin track, the Nina 99 excels on firm while still being floaty enough for soft backcountry powder. Any DPS model in Alchemist construction is essentially a resort ski that is ready and capable of hard charging, while not being pushy or plank-y. It is very common for resort-only skiers to slap an alpine binding on the ski and call it a day, but we carry it because it comes in at a nice backcountry weight (roughly 1500 grams) and gives the ski touring specific skier a no-compromise downhill capability. 

Please note that this is the predecessor to the current Yvette 100 and was last available in the 2018/19 season. 

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