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  • Floating associated with maneuverability, the Nocta is the ultimate toy for big conditions.

    The combination of high lift, reverse camber and tight rib lines allow the Nocta to combine natural ease in powder, good edge stability and great maneuverability. Amazing in more ways than one. Do you like to surf? Then it's the Nocta.


    • Width: 122 mm
    • Weight: 3850g
    • Radius: 21 m
    • Mounting point: -6 cm
    • Flex: 76/100
    • High flotation: 122mm at the waist.
    • Reverse camber: Easy to pivot and curves in carving.
    • Straight sidecut: Long curve radius, high speed stability.
    • Flex: Intermediate throughout the length of the ski, performance and forgiveness
    • Drilling: Diameter 3.5mm x L 9mm.
    • Construction: Semi-cap.
    • ABS sidewalls all around.
    • Core: Paulownia-Poplar-Paulownia / Fiberglass.