Power Rush

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  • Power Rush is a product for a high-intensity activity or the moments when you need an energy spike. Perfect for any endurance activity ranging from 5K, half marathon, all the way to the marathon, triathlon, and bike rides. A balanced composition of carbohydrates helps to succeed your effort without the negative effects of sugar and/or maltodextrin overload. Natural nitrates improve the power and efficiency of your muscles. Most importantly all of these are achieved with a special selection of high-quality natural food products.


    • Pleasing fruity flavor.
    • Very stomach-friendly for all who have extreme gastric problems.
    • We use source certified honey.
    • Ingredients: Organic Basmati Rice, Organic Banana, Organic Honey, Molasses, Orange Juice, Dried Plums, Non-GMO Lecithin, Coconut Oil, Vitamic C, Citric Acid, Sea Salt, Beet Extract.