Pure Chalk Collector's Box

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  • Collect unforgettable moments from climbing history: Our Pure Chalk Collectors Box is not only a practical must-have for all climbing enthusiasts. It also tells the story of famous routes, rock faces and climbers in an impressive way. Available in ten different designs, each box combines a unique image on the front with impressive information from the history of climbing on the back. You will learn how the Dreamtime Boulder got its name and find out who was first to ascend famous routes and when. Whether as a gift or a collector's item, these boxes captivate with their unique motifs, their high-quality matte-gloss finish and their embossed lids.


    • Height: 20 cm
    • Width: 13 cm
    • Diameter: 13 cm
    • Contains 230 g of pure magnesium
    • Environmentally friendly production, 100% waste-free
    • No additives