Salomon R 60 Click Poles

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R 60 CLICK is a high performance 60% carbon pole with super-convenient Click grip for avid skiers and weekend racers.


  • Convenience: ErgoClick Grip enables one-handed pole removal on the fly.
  • Power Transfer: Stiff, 60% carbon shaft and ergonomic grip ensure maximum power transfer with each pole plant.
  • Light Weight: 60% carbon shaft.


  • 60% Carbon 16/9: A 60% Carbon shaft with a 16mm diameter at the top that tapers down to 9mm near the tip.
  • Ergoclick: The Ergoclick system allows for single finger click-in and click-out so you can drink or remove your skis easily during your sessions. 
  • Click Strap: The easily adjustable strap with precise fitting providing optimum power transmission. For increased convenience, it only takes a “click” to remove it from the grip so you don’t have to remove the strap from your glove. It’s only compatible with "Click system" grips.
  • Racing M: A medium aerodynamic basket which provides a good level of support in all kinds of snow. The perfect fit for shafts with a 9mm diameter tip.
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