She Rides

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    At fifty-four, Alenka was running out of time to follow through on a dream she’d written down in her pocket-size Rumi book just after her first marriage crumbled.

    Years later, as she slowly rebuilt her life with her second husband, things started spiraling out of control. The only way she knew how to heal and connect all painful parts of her life was by riding her bike, and she didn’t want to have regrets. But was she brave enough to embark on an unknown path and risk losing everything . . . perhaps even her own life?

    Determined to awaken her dying spirit and heal her battered body, Alenka loaded her mountain bike with 50 pounds’ worth of camping gear and set off on a 2,500-mile journey. Starting in Lake Tahoe California, she hoped to ride along the Sierra Nevada Mountain range to the tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, following remote mountain trails.


    What followed was an irrevocably transformational journey of love, hope, courage, and resilience and here, Alenka tells that story in a voice stripped of self-pity and infused with a good dose of humor. She Rides is a galvanizing wake-up call for anyone who wants to unearth and follow their own deeply buried dreams and reclaim their life.

    About the Author: 

    Alenka Vrecek was born in the mountains of Slovenia, a part of former communist Yugoslavia. She came to America to ski, climb and study psychology with a backpack and a pair of skis. She lives in Lake Tahoe, California with her second husband Jim, their four children, three grandchildren and a Golden Retriever Monty, and has been a lifelong skier, cyclist, and climber. She was a ski coach and a director of Pedagogy for Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows Ski Teams and is also the founder of The Tahoe Tea Company.