The Last Winter

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    ISBN: 9780316460903

    As the planet warms, winter is shrinking. In the last fifty years, the Northern Hemisphere lost a million square miles of spring snowpack and in the US alone, snow cover has been reduced by 15-30%. On average, winter has shrunk by a month in most northern latitudes.

    In this deeply researched, beautifully written, and adventure-filled book, journalist Porter Fox travels along the edge of the Northern Hemisphere's snow line to track the scope of this drastic change, and how it will literally change everything—from rapid sea level rise, to fresh water scarcity for two billion people, to massive greenhouse gas emissions from thawing permafrost, and a half dozen climate tipping points that could very well spell the end of our world.

    This original research is animated by four harrowing and illuminating journeys—each grounded by interviews with idiosyncratic, charismatic experts in their respective fields and Fox's own narrative of growing up on a remote island in Northern Maine.

    Timely, atmospheric, and expertly investigated, The Last Winter will showcase a shocking and unexpected casualty of climate change—that may well set off its own unstoppable warming cycle.

    About Rick Ganong:

    I was born in Orange County with the juxtaposition of a father who made his own skis in a high school woodshop to ski Mt Baldy,  and a mother who disliked the mountains and snow. Upon the advice of my grandfather, I moved to the mountains and snow with my wife, Jan, and first born, Alison, on February 12, 1979. There was zero snow on the ground, but by the next day there was four feet. Welcome to Alpine Meadows. Three other children followed- Megan, Travis and Derek. Finishing my training at UCLA Medical Center, after some time at LA County-USC Medical Center, I joined the Truckee Tahoe Medical Group. During my first week, Charlie Kellermyer asked me to ski from my house to the ridge that separates Squaw Valley from Alpine Meadows to meet him – I got lost in a blizzard! However, I learned that route and it became a defining aspect of my work life, skiing to work in Squaw and before work in Tahoe City. Additionally, my twenty years working with the US Ski Team has provided me the opportunity to visit many iconic and obscure areas in the world. This has been a privilege, as has my work with the medical community and ski patrol. Currently, I am trying to retire. Knowing this, the Squaw Patrol has asked me to join them on the hill as a medical advisor. We will see!

    Why Rick Chose This Book:

    This book takes us through scenarios and descriptions of how snow has impacted the world and the lives of mankind. During several, hundred year periods, RESILIENCY is shown by the snow and the people who are challenged by it. Currently, our resiliency is being stressed by climate change and overpopulation.