Reactor Thermolite Compact Plus

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  • The THERMOLITE® Reactor™ Compact sleeping bag liner is the ideal choice for gram counters under 6 feet who want to add warmth to their sleep system. The world’s first ‘hybrid’ sleeping bag liner uses a combination of two weights of THERMOLITE® fabric, with the warmer fabric strategically positioned across the torso and in the footbox. The hollow core THERMOLITE® fibers work like the hollow fur of a polar bear to trap extra insulating air. The Reactor Compact Plus keeps your sleeping bag clean and is super easy to wash. It will bump up the warmth of your sleeping bag considerably, depending on your metabolism, your sleeping bag and sleeping pad, and the environment.


    • Adds up to 20°F /11°C of warmth to a sleeping bag.
    • Lighter weight, more packable than fleece.
    • Mummy shape with a box foot.
    • Drawcord hood with mini cord lock.
    • Packs into its own Ultra-Sil™ stuff sack.
    • Adds up to 20°F to the temperature range of your sleeping bag.
    • Easy to wash and dry. Helps to keep your down or synthetic-insulated sleeping bag cleaner for longer.
    • Please note: The packaging of this liner includes the size description ‘Short’. This refers to the 6-foot / 183cm overall length; there is no ‘Regular’ or ‘Long’ Reactor Compact Plus available in North America.