Wager with the Wind

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    ISBN: ‎9780312853372

    Don Sheldon has been called 'Alaska's bush pilot among bush pilots', but he was also just one man in a fragile airplane who, in the end, was solely responsible for each mission he flew, be it a high-risk landing to the rescue of others from certain death in the mountains of Alaska or the routine delivery of supplies to a lonely homesteader. Read James Greiner's Wager with the Wind to learn how a hero was born, and also how he made his courageous journey to the unknown skies of dealing with cancer.

    About John Morrison:

    John Morrison is a dedicated husband, father, businessman, & adventurer with a lust for long days in the mountains and on the ocean. John has climbed and skied peaks on 6 continents, sailed across oceans, ridden mountain bikes across the West, and walked countless miles in the pursuit of his dreams. Despite an insatiable appetite for adventure, John loves a good rest day and the opportunity to curl up with a good book.

    Why John Chose This Book:

    The story of Alaska's legendary bush pilot Don Sheldon, and his pioneering flights into the Alaska Range, kept me on the edge of my seat. His prowess as a pilot and adaptive nature to read and adjust to the weather, pushed the boundaries of mountain transportation. His connection with his aircraft was unparalleled. His legacy has been embraced and honored by the bush pilots of today that fly us onto the glaciers of Alaska for high mountain adventure. Thank you Don.