DPS Wailer A100 RP

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We couldn’t be more jazzed with the arrival of the Alchemist Wailer 100 RP. Here’s your ticket to all-mountain, everyday bliss. Classic RP shaping comes with a 15m radius and a shorter effective edge to promote performance that is forgiving to pivot and slide, yet powerful and reactive when locked in a carve. Get the most out of your 100mm selection with a ski that makes your skiing easier and higher performance.

The Wailer 100 is essentially a little brother of the best-in-class Wailer 112. Relative same shaping provides a quiver-of-one ski that is loved by all.

Dimensions (171cm): 131/100/116mm | 15m | 
Dimensions (179cm): 132/100/117mm | 15m | 3610g 7.96lbs (pair)
Dimensions (185cm): 133/100/118mm | 15m | 
Dimensions (189cm): 134/100/119mm | 15m | 


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