DPS Wailer A106 C2

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The all-mountain classic is reborn with a fresh C2 Chassis. We have worked hard in the lab and on-mountain to fine-tune optimum geometric ratios for sidecut and flex pattern, and the newly minted 106 reflects the most current blend of smoothness, balance, and power; in an all-mountain, everyday shape designed for mixed snow conditions.

Dimensions (171cm): 137/110/ 118mm
Dimensions (179cm): 135/110/ 119mm
Dimensions (184cm): 136/110/ 120mm


From our lead boot fitter and Backcountry Magazine Gear Tester Jason Layh:

"Carrying on the Wailer name but changing up the feel of the ski, the 106 has a more traditional camber pocket that extends aft towards the tail of the ski. Paired with less rocker in the tip and a  stiffer flex, this ski will hold its line regardless of snow conditions. Suited to those who love to set an edge and then stomp on the excelerator, this ski provides plenty of drive without sacrificing agility. "

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