DPS Wailer A110 C2

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With a 13% longer contact length than the 112 RP, the Wailer 110 C2 is built on the powerful C2 platform that leans hard into the fall line at any speed and arcs unimpeded through anything in the way.

Dimensions (171cm): 134/110/118mm | 22m | 3580g 7.89lbs (pair)
Dimensions (179cm): 135/110/119mm | 22m | 3770g 8.31lbs (pair)
Dimensions (185cm): 136/110/120mm | 22m | 3770g 8.31lbs (pair)
Dimensions (189cm): 137/110/121mm | 22m | 2060g 9.08lbs (pair)

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