DPS Wailer A110 C2

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With a 13% longer contact length than the 112 RP, the Wailer 110 C2 is built on the powerful C2 platform that leans hard into the fall line at any speed and arcs unimpeded through anything in the way.

Dimensions (171cm): 134/110/118mm | 22m | 3580g 7.89lbs (pair)
Dimensions (179cm): 135/110/119mm | 22m | 3770g 8.31lbs (pair)
Dimensions (185cm): 136/110/120mm | 22m | 3770g 8.31lbs (pair)
Dimensions (189cm): 137/110/121mm | 22m | 2060g 9.08lbs (pair)


From our lead boot fitter and Backcountry Magazine Gear Tester Jason Layh:

"Using the 112 as the foundation and then tweaking the build, shape and flex to create a new ski with roughly 13% more edge contact than the original. Providing more stability at speed, a greater range of turn shapes on edge and the ability to hold a truer line through crud and mank. This ski speaks to the skier who is looking for precision as much as pure enjoyment."


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