DPS Wailer A112RP - Special Edition

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From our lead boot fitter and Backcountry Magazine Gear Tester, Jason Layh:

"The 112 Wailer has been the flagship ski for DPS for a number of years now and it has only become better with age. Slight mods to the interior construction combined with subtle honing of the flex and sidecut make this ski one of the smoothest rides on the market today, combining twin layers of carbon that extend wall to wall, tip to tail, with ABS sidewalls and an Aspen core.

This ski broke every single stereotype a big waisted powder ski had while still delivering incredible float on pow days paired with a great carve on piste. Making for a truly diverse ski, both inbounds and out, and one that will delight for seasons to come."


When the Wailer 112 originally debuted, it carried the 'RP' moniker as a suffix. 'RP' is back in the name to highlight the legendary shaping style that is characterized by a 15m sidecut and deep rockers. Alchemist stokes the smoothness factor on this classic. The Wailer 112 legacy has dominated magazine tests and is known as the shape that truly makes people ski better. It has the versatility for complete control and g-force generation on hardpack while cradling the rider into the world of powder planing performance. The Wailer A112 RP consistently and playfully delivers ultimate powder versatility and ease of use in varying conditions.

Alchemist: Pure carbon skis that are the ultimate expression of the craft. Vibration-tuned aerospace grade carbon ski construction melded with absolutely the finest in supporting materials. Damp, but light in weight when compared to a traditional alpine build, Alchemist-constructed skis are engineered to be the ultimate performance construction with minimal compromise in any application. Accomplished skiers feel at home charging high-speed resort laps, or taking these skis into the backcountry for a quick run.





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