W's R3 95 T.I. I.R.

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  • Light and performing. the 95 is geared for big mountain female skiers who may use “Tech” and/or Alpine bindings and often hike or skin to find their lines.


    • Use of advanced CAD Design technology, 3D Printed prototyping, and cutting edge ultralight polymers achieves minimal form with outstanding strength-to-weight ratio.
    • Women's specific upper cuff provided reduced height and "scalloped" shape to comfortably accommodate women's calve shapes.
    • Offer the ability for a qualified ski shop bootfitter to mold the shell.
    • High-profiled slip-resistant sole. Increases walking comfort and improves natural roll thanks to curved rubber sole.
    • Powerstrap allows for excellent boot top closure as well as accommodating any leg shape. Easy stride buckle functions extends stride range when opened in the walk phase.
    • Shout hike mechanism allows easy release of the upper cuff.
    • Architecture: Cabrio – 3 Piece
    • Cuff: Ski Hike
    • Material: PU+ / PU+
    • Buckles: Power Strap Easy Stride Buckle / 2 Alu micro
    • Liner: I.R. Tongue / U75 Freeride LS
    • Sole: Gripwalk
    • Binding System: Alpine / GripWalk
    • Last: 99 – 101 mm Biofit CM
    • Range: 45° ROM