DPS Zelda F 106 C2 168cm

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DPS has worked hard in the lab and on-mountain to fine-tune optimum geometric ratios for sidecut and flex pattern, and the newly minted 106 reflects the most current blend of smoothness, balance, and power; in an all-mountain, everyday shape designed for mixed snow conditions.

The Chassis platform makes edge-to-edge transfers so predictable, intuitive, and smooth that the Foundation Zelda 106 is a joy to ski in all conditions. Take her everywhere from soft moguls, trees, and high alpine couloirs—she’ll perform. The combination of user-friendliness coupled with a predictably stable bamboo platform underfoot has never been so strongly demonstrated in the women’s ski category.

While still light enough for ski touring, we find the Foundation perfect for a 60/40 resort/backcountry skier. The construction provides great dampness for in-bounds riding and at $799 is an affordable way to experience the magic of DPS.

Length (Weight): 168cm (1780g per ski)

Dimensions (Tip/Waist/Tail): 133mm/106mm/122mm

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