Lotus 138 PW AG Logo 192cm

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  • Introducing the new DPS x Alpenglow Sports Lotus 138 ski. This custom, special edition, limited run collaboration ski is a unique collaboration between Alpenglow and DPS. It was born from persistent and recurring dreams of bottomless pow and overhead face shots. 
    Modeled after the groundbreaking Lotus 138 from the early 2000s, the first-ever ski with full rocker and reverse camber, this special edition version is a combination of Pagoda AND Pagoda Tour construction. Whether slaying steep and faster heli-accessed AK powder lines, crushing deep dumps in-bounds, or pushing it uphill for those earned turns, this special edition Lotus will NEVER disappoint. In actuality, skiing the Lotus in powder transcends the sport and gives the user a glimpse into the metaphysical dance that we all love. 
    And DO NOT be fooled into thinking you'll only use this ski a couple days a year! Our team reaches for theirs if the heavens drop 10" or more, without a second thought. The reverse camber, along with the award winning Pagoda construction, makes this ski super easy, fun and lightweight … but at race car level performance. We promise that you'll feel as if you just walked into a Marvel comic when you drop into your first line. During our collective careers in the ski industry, NEVER have we experienced a comparable feeling to that of riding the Lotus. 
    If most skis are minivans, the Lotus is a Ferrari.
    If you love the sensation of surfing powder, treat yourself. Drink this Kool-Aid. We promise you will not be disappointed.